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Dynamo Moscow (Dinamo Moscow, Dinamo Moskva, Russian?????? ??????) is a Russianfootball club based in Moscow, currently playing in the Russian Premier League. The team's home ground is Dynamo Stadium. Dynamo's traditional kit colours are blue and white. Their crest is of a blue letter "D", written in a traditional Cyrillic style, on a white background with the name of their home town "Moscow" written in front of a football underneath. Club's motto "Power in Motion" had been proposed by Maxim Gorky, the famous Russian/Soviet author who once was an active member of the Dynamo sports society.

Dynamo Moscow is the oldest Russian football club and the only one which has always played in the top tiers of the Soviet (for the Soviet era - sharing this achievement jointly with Dynamo Kyiv) and the Russian football competitions never being relegated to the lower divisions. Despite this, it has never won today's Russian Premier League title.



History of the Club

The history of FC Dynamo-Moscow goes along with the history of Dynamo Sports Society that starts on 18 April 1923. It was then that a gathered in Moscow constituent assembly announced the creation of the first Soviet departmental sports society. Dynamo Society was mainly created due to the enthusiasm of State Political Office (SPO) troops headquarters officials Pavel Uralts, Mikhail Lavrentiev, Dmitry Ivanov, Kirill Kuzmin, and Leonid Nedolya-Goncharenko, SPO troops chief of political department.
Football had been among the most favorite sports, so there were created football teams in SPO units and staff back in the early 20s. The Board of newly created Moscow Proletarian Sports Society Dynamo put at once a question of creating a new “instructor” model team that could equal the strongest Moscow teams of the time and serve as a benchmark for the rest teams of the Office.
An SPO trooper Fedor Chulkov who had been a KFS first team’s goalkeeper before the draft and was well acquainted with Moscow’s football world of those days was entitled to form a new team. At first Chulkov gathered many of his ex KFS partners into a newly created team. Vasily Zhitarev who played for the Russian national back in 1912, Mikhail Denisov and Nikolai Troitsky formed the core of Dynamo first team. Dynamo squad played its first matches yet in KFS uniform – a white jersey with a black collar and black shorts.

Dynamo-Moscow played its first official match on 17 July 1923. It’s symbolic that the players from Krasnaya Presnya, many of them with N.Starostin at the head being later directly related to the creation of Spartak Moscow, were the first Dynamo’s rivals in 1923 Moscow spring championship start quarter-finals. Dynamo lost 2:3 having conceded a goal coming off a drop penalty in the end of the play (it’s interesting that the match was officiated by K.Kvashin, a future Dynamo coach). V.Zhitarev scored the first goal of Dynamo in the official tournaments. On the whole, the team’s line-up in its first official match was as follows: F.Chulkov, A.Petrov, N.Ignatov, I.Lenchikov, I.Ovechkin, S.Neverov, S.Shummel, N.Troitsky, M.Denisov, V.Zhitarev (C), B.Titov.
Dynamo players got their first stadium in August 1923 – they equipped a littery waste ground behind a children’s hospital called ‘St. Olga’ near Rizhsky station in Orlovo-Davidovsky st. It was there that Dynamo had received their rivals before Dynamo Central Stadium in Petrovsky Park was opened. Dynamo achieved its first major victory in 1926 becoming the champion of Moscow. It was then that a Dynamo well-known emblem appeared: the letter ? inscribed into a rhomb. The emblem was created by A.Borisov, a football player of the first generation. At the same time Dynamo society officially adopted a uniform that later became quite usual – a white and blue jersey with the society emblem sewed on. Finally, Dynamo held its first international competition against the national team of the Working Sports and Self-Defence Union of Latvia on 6 September 1926, the former winning 7:1.
1928 became memorable in many respects. It brought a second victory in the Capital championship to Dynamo. Besides, it was in 1928 that Dynamo Central Stadium in Petrovsky Park was opened where Dynamo’s played to present day. To tell the truth, Dynamo held its first official match on the new stadium already in the next year, on 19 May 1929, when it won 3:2 against Sickle and Hammer Factory Astakhov Regional Club team. According to existing information, Dynamo’s Pavel Savostyanov was the first to score on the new stadium.
Dynamo won Moscow championship for the third time in autumn of 1930. It also succeeded to win the victory one year later in 1931 autumn championship. The team achieved its next big success in 1933 spring championship. Truth to tell, Dynamo shared the first place with CDKA since the finals had ended up in a nil draw. Finally, Dynamo won its next champ title in 1934 Moscow autumn championship and saved it in 1935 spring tournament.

1936 was the turning-point for the Russian football. It was the first time the Country championship among the teams of sports societies and departments took place. Dynamo-Moscow became the first USSR champion by winning all 6 matches of 1936 spring tournament. And a year later Dynamo was the first in Russian football to achieve a “golden double” by winning both the championship and the Cup. The same year Dynamo held two unforgettable matches against Basque national team on a visit to our country.
After a short retreat in 1938-39 Dynamo regained the title in 1940 and confidently leaded in 1941 championship. However the War interfered in the matter…
As it is well-known there was a break in the country championships during the war time, however football contests went on. 5 Moscow championships took place in 1941-44. By the way, in autumn of 1941 the contest was cut off due to the cold weather and the state of siege introduced in Moscow. But in spring the games resumed and it was Dynamo that won 1942 spring tournament.
An unforgettable 1945 brought new glorious victories to Dynamo. Not only did the team win the first post-war USSR championship, but being a champ it also went on the first in the Russian football history tour to Great Britain, the home of the game. The legendary 19:9, the resulting score of the goals in favour of Dynamo, rightly entered the history of our football. Dynamo won two victories (10:1 against Cardiff City and 4:3 against London Arsenal) and had two draws (3:3 against Chelsea and 2:2 against Glasgow Rangers), thus creating a real sensation in the European football. The following history of the Russian football and Dynamo doesn’t lack for glorious victories, however these first games with the best professional clubs of the time stand apart.
In the 40s and 50s Dynamo-Moscow excitingly fought for the title practically every year, first with CDKA and then with Spartak players. Dynamo won in 1949, 1954, 1955, 1957 and 1959, also winning the USSR Cup in 1953. The most striking was the victory in 1949 championship. In 34 matches Dynamo players scored 104 (!) goals – a firm record of the Country championships – and also achieved a tremendous difference of the scored and conceded goals equalled in +74 (104-30). In the same years a bright star of Lev Yashin rose in the football horizon.

In the next two decades Dynamo won two more championships in 1963 and 1976 (spring championship). The team had better results in the Cup winning the honourably trophy in 1967, 1970, 1977 and 1984. And in 1972 Dynamo was the first among the Soviet and the only of the Russian teams to get into the finals of the European club tournament– the Cup of the Cup Winners. The finals took place on 24 May 1972 in Barcelona, where Dynamo lost 2:3 to the Scottish Glasgow Rangers.
In the 1990s as well as in the beginning of the 2000s Dynamo had rather hard time. Our squad took the 6th place in the last USSR championship in 1991. In 1992 after the well-known political events Dynamo becomes a permanent participant of the Russian championships as it used to be in the Soviet times. That year our club takes the 3rd place in the championship and the forward Veli Kasumov becomes the best striker of the tournament (16 goals). In 1993 the squad takes again the 3rd place. In 1994 championship the team earns silver medals under the charge of the honoured coach Konstantin Beskov and in 1995 it earns the Cup of Russia by winning 8:7 in penalties against Rotor Volgograd in the finals. Dynamo conquers its next pedestal only in 1997 when it takes already habitual 3rd place. Afterwards the team goes to a decline in games until 2005 inclusive. The squad achieves its last relative success getting into the finals of 1998/1999 Cup of Russia. At that time Dynamo could be easily called a middling team of the Russian championships.
2004 season stands out. Right before the season started, the club for the first time had invited a foreigner to take charge of the team – Jaroslav Hrebik who had successfully trained AC Sparta Praha (Czech Republic). As a result, having changed 3 coaches in the course of the season (Jaroslav Hrebik, Victor Bondarenko, Oleg Romantsev) the team managed to preserve its place in the elite of the Russian football only thanks to the draw game in the last round against its old rival Spartak.
2005 season was marked by major changes. Alexey Fedorichev, a well-known businessman, became the President of the Board of Directors. The club’s transfer policy turned more aggressive and the tasks set before the team more ambitious. Dynamo’s fans could see in the championship such football stars as Maniche, Costinha, Derlei and Seitaridis dressed in white and blue. In 2005 the number of coaches was as large as in the previous year (Oleg Romantsev, Andrey Kobelev acting as HC, Ivo Wortmann (Brazil), Andrey Kobelev acting as HC). The team completed the season at the 8th place and thus forced its way to the Russian Cup spring phase. The one who was hoped to lead the team to victory was the ex Lokomotiv and ex national coach Yuri Semin. However it seemed that Dynamo was doomed to some cruel fate. Despite Yuri Semin had collected experienced and eminent players under the banners of Dynamo (Ovchinnikov, Khokhlov, Semshov, Parfenov, Lima, Mendoza, Jorge Luis), the head coach failed to manage the team and to fulfil the task of getting to UEFA zone basing on the results of the season. So the result was a regular change of the head coach. And once again Andrey Kobelev acting as HC came in charge.

Andrey Kobelev (Dynamo Head Coach) and Dmitry Ivanov (Dynamo General Director)

Here comes a more detailed story: everything started when after 4 years Yuri Zavarzin left the post of General Director right before the game against Torpedo (14th round) on 2 August 2006. 2 days later Dynamo lost 3:0 to Torpedo and Yuri Semin resigned as well. It looked really awful to have 9 points after 14 rounds. This minimum naturally put Dynamo with its 15th place on the edge of elimination. Dmitry Ivanov acting as GD and Andrey Kobelev acting as HC were urged to save the day. Almost a month later both were commissioned in their posts by Dynamo Board of Directors. They had to rake away all the lots of problems Dynamo was wallowed in. And they did succeed, although many experts and well-known media had already sent Dynamo to the second division. The spurt Dynamo made in the end of the season was impressive as it let the team stay in the first division. In the last 7 rounds Dynamo won 5 games (Spartak-Nalchik, Lokomotiv, Rubin Kazan, Torpedo, CSKA), played one draw game against FC Moskva and lost only once to Spartak by 3:2. But even in that game our team didn’t earn the defeat. And in the last round Dynamo won against 2006 Russian champion CSKA, which helped to finish the season in high spirits. The series of 7 matches turned out to be not only pleasant – we saved ourselves from elimination already several rounds before the end of the championship, but also the most impressive – within these rounds Dynamo gained the largest number of points compared to other teams. Zydrunas Karcemarskas (he became the main goalkeeper after Sergey Ovchinnikov being put up for transfer), Denis Kolodin, Leandro Fernandes (Dynamo fans pronounced the Argentinean defender the best Dynamo player in 2006 season), Alexandr Tochilin, Igor Semshov, Dmitry Khokhlov, Danny, the twins Dmitry and Kirill Kombarovs, Maxim Romatshenko, Alexey Smertin, Derlei – all of them excellently played almost without substitutions in the end of the season. However the team couldn’t catch up with the squads that had gone far ahead long before in spite of 16 points gained in the 7 rounds. Dynamo finished 2006 season at the 14th place with 34 points, leaving Torpedo with 22 points far behind (it took the 15th place and left the first division), while Shinnik which had had big problems quitted struggling for survival back in the middle of the season with 11 points (the 16th place).

For the first time in many years Dynamo authorities didn’t make high-flown statements nor claim high places when 2007 season came to an end. The year was considered transitional from the very beginning, however the club went on solving its local problems and most importantly succeeded in the matter. 2007 was a debut year for Andrey Kobelev as he personally prepared the team for the championship. He managed to stabilize the line-up, make the atmosphere inside the team agreeable, and Dynamo started to play. And it played thus that in summer the media didn’t write but enthusiastically about Dynamo as the most playing team. General Director Dmitry Ivanov and Head Coach Andrey Kobelev set the strategy to play for a win in every match, which proved to be efficient at that point. Dynamo kept among the winners almost throughout all the championship and only in the very end it somewhat lacked forces. 13-14 players held out the whole season practically without substitutions. The trio of defensive centre-halves had a brilliant season – Khokholov – Semshov – Danny. The twins Kirill and Dmitry Kombarovs helped them tirelessly from the flanks and Ruslan Pimenov stood out at the spearhead. Our defenders Tanasijevic, Klimavicius, Tochilin, Fernandes, Kolodin and Granat had quite a good season. And last but not least one can consider the goalkeeper Anton Shunin, a Dynamo’s pupil, a real discovery of the season. When things didn’t get going with Zydrunas Karcemarskas, Andery Kobelev didn’t step back and committed the place of the goalkeeper to young Anton, who some time later would make his debut first in the youth national and then in the national team. Dynamo-2007 became the youngest team of the championship – four players at a time were released to the youth national team, i.e. the Kombarovs, Granat and Shunin. With the 6th final place Dynamo regained once lost respect form the media, rivals and fans through the course of 2007 season, and the victory over the future champion Zenit by the score of 4:2 beautified the whole championship.

The beginning of the 2008 Championship gave hope for the team’s supporters – a starting draw in Tomsk was followed by four victories in a row, making Dynamo 2nd in the league table with 13 scores. But then the team got only 2 scores in the next 5 matches. Some bad luck, perhaps? Both draws (1:1 vs. FC Moscow and 2:2 vs. Krylia Sovetov) meant losing victory after the young goalkeeper had missed several times. After all, once the team lost to a future Champion (0:2 vs. Rubin). The Russian national team’s goalkeeper Vladimir Gabulov enters Dynamo in summer and stabilizes the last boundary. The 1st round last third brought again a large bumper of scores and set Dynamo 2nd after the 1st half of the Championship despite a vexing lost in Vladivostok.
The 1st five matches in the 2nd round again had quite a good result – two victories and three draws – but they also revealed problems with effectiveness. Dynamo scored only one goal each game, as it could’ve scored three or four goals vs. Spartak but had just a draw instead of major victory. The lack of a forward became obvious. And two unexpected losses in a row came over: a playing out attacker Miguel Danny left to Zenit, while a centre back Denis Kolodin was out till the end of the season due to a severe injury. But the team had gained confidence by that time. It hadn’t fallen below the 2nd place which it finally took. The last but one turn match in St. Petersburg was the key one, in which Dynamo secured a prize-winning place after the draw vs. the previous year Champion.
Thus Dynamo-Moscow celebrated its 85th anniversary!
The impressive victories over Spartak (4:3) and Lokomotiv (4:2) will linger for a long time. In general, Dynamo had their best matches vs. distinguished rivals but lost lots of scores to the teams from the bottom of the table.
Dynamo has undoubtedly been going up all three years of Andrey Kobelev being the Head Coach: 2006 – 14th place, 2007 – 6th place, 2008 – 3rd place. The positive dynamic stipulates good perspective; the coach’s secured a stable line-up, the medium age is 24.4 years old. The discipline going up (3 dismissals is the lowest number for the last years) is the result of the team building. And finally, lets give credit for the improvements in the work of the Scouts Dpt. Compare: only 4 players out of 17 newcomers of 2006 played last season and 9 out of 12 bought in 2007 stay with the team, while all 6 newcomers of the bronze season got accustomed to the team and stay for the coming year.
The above-mentioned brings optimism in the up-coming season.




Lev Yashin

Personal information

Full name

Lev Ivanovich Yashin

Date of birth

22 October 1929

Place of birth

MoscowRussian SFSRSoviet Union

Date of death

20 March 1990 (aged 60)

Place of death

MoscowRussian SFSRSoviet Union


1.89 m (6 ft 2 1?2 in)

Playing position


Senior career*






Dynamo Moscow



National team


Soviet Union




Lev Ivanovich Yashin (Russian: ??? ????????? ?????) (22 October 1929 – 20 March 1990) nicknamed as "The Black Spider", was a Russian-Soviet football goalkeeper, considered by many to be the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the game.[2] He was known for his superior athleticism in goal, imposing stature, amazing reflex saves and inventing the idea of goalkeeper sweeping. Yashin was voted the best goalkeeper of the 20th century







Konstantin Beskov

Personal information

Full name

?????????? ???????? ??????

Date of birth

November 18, 1920

Place of birth


Date of death

May 6, 2006 (aged 85)

Place of death


Playing position


Senior career1



App (Gls)*


Serp i Molot Moscow
Metallurg Moscow
Dynamo Moscow

45 (13)
196 (93)

National team



2 (0)

Teams managed


Torpedo Moscow
Lokomotiv Moscow
Dynamo Moscow
Spartak Moscow
Dynamo Moscow

Konstantin Ivanovich Beskov (Russian: ?????????? ???????? ??????) (18 November 1920 – 6 May 2006) was a Soviet/Russian football player and manager.

Beskov was born in Moscow. He played for Dynamo Moscow as forward, scoring 126 goals, and after finishing his playing career he became a successful manager who coached Dynamo and their rivals Spartak as well as the USSR national football team.

As player

As manager




Valery Gazzaev

Personal information

Full name

Valery Georgiyevich Gazzaev

Date of birth

7 August 1954 (age 56)

Place of birth

OrdzhonikidzeSoviet Union


1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Playing position

Striker (retired)

Youth career


Spartak Ordzhonikidze

Senior career*






Spartak Ordzhonikidze




SKA Rostov-on-Don




Spartak Ordzhonikidze




Lokomotiv Moscow




Dynamo Moscow




Dinamo Tbilisi



National team






USSR (Olympic)



Teams managed


Spartak Ordzhonikidze


Dynamo Moscow


Alania Vladikavkaz


Dynamo Moscow


CSKA Moscow


Russia U21




CSKA Moscow


Dynamo Kyiv

Valery Georgievich Gazzaev (Russian: ??????? ?????????? ???????; Ossetic:??????? ???????? ???? ??????) is a Russian football manager and former footballerwho has managed Ukrainian Premier League side FC Dynamo Kyiv since May 2009. As a Soviet footballer he played the position of a striker enjoying successes with his teamFC Dynamo Moscow as well as the USSR national football team in the Olympics.

Valery Gazzaev became a coach in 1989. He was most successful when he was in charge in CSKA Moscow from 2004 to 2008. There Gazzaev won every possible Russian title three times each, as well as the 2005 UEFA Cup. He is considered one of the best football coaches to have emerged from the former Soviet Union because of these achievements.


SKA Rostov-na-Donu

FC Dynamo Moscow


Spartak-Alania Vladikavkaz


FC Dynamo Kyiv



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